2021 Graduation tour in Sichuan

08/2020 Summer in Tonglu(桐庐 Group Trip)
01/2020 Happy 2020

06/2019 Wuyuan (婺源 Group Trip)
01/2019 Potluck and games

04/2018 Lishui (丽水 Group Trip)
05/2017 Jiuxi (Group Trip)

01/2017 Tianzhu Mountain (Group Trip)
08/2016 Dalian (CSC meeting)

04/2016 Yellow Mountain (Group Trip)
06/2015 Graduation season

06/2015 Xiaping village
05/2014 Tianmuxi drifting

10/2013 Xiaoqing and Renhong's wedding
05/2013 Peisheng at IMMS2013, Awaji island, Japan

05/2013 Zhoushan island
12/2012 Hot spring bath, Ninghai

09/2012 Chinese stuckyite reunion at Xixi, Hangzhou
05/2012 Thousand-island lake (Group Trip)

09/2011 Yunlong at GEOMED2011 in Bari, Italy.
07/2011 Torch festival at Kunming 13th NYCC

04/2011 People from Prof. Zhao's group (my Ph D supervisor)
03/2011 Twins at Jula Restaurant (at Junfang's farewell party in Longjing Tea field)

09/2010 We want CS (Cell + Science)
05/2010 We believe we can fly